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CPAP Machine FAQ

Common Questions for CPAP Machines

Is your CPAP machine louder than usual? Perhaps your mask is leaking, or your machine is turning off in the middle of the night. Whatever your CPAP issues, we have you covered with these commonly asked questions for CPAP machines!

Why did my CPAP machine turn off in the middle of the night?

First, we recommend that you check to make sure the unit is plugged in securely on both ends. If so, check to see if the unit display shows errors, such as high leaks. 

If you’re not seeing any errors indicated, the mask could have a poor fit, which would contribute to the CPAP machine shutting itself off. If you think you may need a new mask for a better fit, feel free to browse our collection here

Other possibilities are that your mask could be pulling away from your face because the machine needs to be closer. Make sure that you have ample slack between your mask and the machine. Lastly, there could be a leak in the humidifier, so be sure to check that as well. 

Why is my CPAP machine louder than usual?

Typically, CPAP machines get louder as the inlet filter absorbs dust and particulate matter. Make sure you are changing your filters regularly, otherwise the motor is subjected to unnecessary wear and tear. If you need tips and tricks on CPAP maintenance and cleaning, check out our recent CPAP Maintenance blog post here

Additionally, check to ensure that all connections between the CPAP and the mask are fully attached and secured.

Why does my CPAP mask leak?

If your mask is new, then you should be able to find a good seal by making adjustments to the headgear straps. All of our machines have a “mask fit check” feature to ensure that proper seal is achieved. However, if your mask is worn out due to use, it is time to change your cushion (recommended monthly), which will result in a better seal, and often a slight loosening of the straps to accommodate for the new cushion.

For all CPAP maintenance tips, including how often to change your masks, check out our CPAP Maintenance tips. 

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