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Insurance Policy

Respiratory Supply exists for the purpose of providing quick and easy access to products and information that serve your respiratory needs. Insurance guidelines can slow down this process, and lead to confusion with costs of equipment or the purchase terms of certain items.

When you consider the time and energy it takes to navigate the insurance requirements for your respiratory equipment, you will find that Respiratory Supply's direct-to-consumer platform is the best way to purchase the equipment you are looking for.


Insurance Policy FAQs

I understand that Respiratory Supply can’t submit a claim to my insurance for products I purchase, but can I submit a claim for products I bought through Respiratory Supply to my insurance on my own?

Respiratory Supply is a cash only distributor of respiratory-related equipment. We do not accept insurance assignment, and are not a participating provider with any insurance companies. You do have the option to seek reimbursement from your insurance company on your own. If you are interested in submitting for insurance coverage on items you purchase through us, we advise you to contact your insurance company prior to purchasing any products, in order to ask what your insurance plan’s rules/regulations/forms are for doing this. Government-run healthcare providers will not reimburse Respiratory Supply purchases.

Are FSA and HSA accounts accepted?

We are able to accept payment via FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) for prescription equipment and accessories.